Road explanations

If you come from Olbia or Alghero

How to find our 

Guesthouse Stazzu La Capretta






We are 15km from Olbia Airport or from the centre.

When you come out of the airport or from the  centre of Olbia ,You have to take the highway SS125 direction Palau

You have to follow the road signs Palau Arzachena on the highway SS125 for 15km 

After those 15km you see on your right 1 road sign with Agriturismo San Giovanni , you have to turn immediately on your left after 50 meters, where you have also a sign with N°333 SS125.

You will see when you turn on your left a sign with Stazzi Spridda,you get under the broken bridge.

After 50 meters on your right you have  a lot of mail boxes, but slantwise on your left you will see a little sign with Prato Pronto,or B&B terra smeralda that means that you are on the good road.(you have to drive in total 4km more to be at our guesthouse)

So you go always straight on and you will see after 500 meters L’agriturismo San Giovanni on your right.

Go always straight on for 100 meters more ,you will see a fork on the front you see a sign with Via Stazzu Carrabino (and a little sign with Prato Pronto or greenpark on your front)Don't turn on your right where the sign of B&B Terra Smeralda is!

Turn on your left you go always straight on, and follow the road.

Then you will have another fork ,you will see a wall made of rocks on the front of you ,there's a sign with Prato Prontoyou have also on the same place a sign with Via Monti Diana, turn on your right you go always straight on.

After a little while you will see some houses and on your front a red arrow you continue the road and go always straight on , you have to get under a grey colour Aquaduct, the road gets up always straight on after 200meters you find Prato Pronto with beautiful plants, it’s not our house!!!.

After 500meters straight on you will see our house on your left side, you will see our Little sign on your left with Stazzu la Capretta with our wooden portal too.

You can sound the horn and we will come and open the door with pleasure for you, or you can get in but you have to close the portal very well , so not our horse get out of our property!!!

If you can’t find us on the highway don’t go further then the Shergan racetrack! you had to turn +/- 3 km before ,you can call us and we will pick you up.! 0039 328 56 80 191 

♥ Our place is named Montilongu at San Giovanni.


If you come from Santa Teresa di Gallura or Palau.

How to find our  

Guesthouse Stazzu La Capretta.


You have to take the highway SS125 direction Arzachena 

*** Don’t go into the city of Arzachena ,you will see on your right a sign with Olbia , you take on your right after a little while you see a bypass and on your right you see the direction San Antonio or Tempio follow the signs, for almost +/- 8km straight on.

You have to look very well on your left and you will see a little sign with Stazzu lu Palazzu you turn on your left ,get up in this little road ,always straight on.

At the end of this road you have a fork and on the front a sign with mentioned San Giacomo you turn on your left you go straight on for 200 meters.

***Than(before the bend on your right)you have on your front little white earth road (without asphalt)You have to look well and a sign with Via Monti Diana on your front too! when you get in there  ( passing by you will have a little stone house with a big iron door on your right side ).That wants to say that you are on the good road!

(***If you make the mistake to get straight on, on the main road you will have the little stone house on your left side, that’s why you have to turn before.***) so you have to go back!

On the earth road you go always straight on you will see some houses after +/- 1km it's not there.

You go always straight on for 150 meters more and will see our wooden gate with our sign Stazzu la Capretta on your right.

If you couldn’t find us you can call us at 0039 328 56 80 191  we will pick you up.

♥ Our place is named Montilongu at San Giovanni.